I don’t care if I posted a virtually identical selfie yesterday my skin looks so good

Ok I won’t have time 2 make a youtube video of my makeup routine for a few weeks so here is what I’m using for those who have asked:

  • Step 1: After cleansing, toning, and moisturizing, I prime my face. I don’t have a favorite primer, I’m trying a bunch out. Right now I”m using Smashbox Photo Finish Blemish Control but have yet to be impressed. I think it might actually be exacerbating my acne. I’m actually insulted that it’s $42? If I had bought it, I would be offended. I think L’Oreal primer is much better — and it’s also much cheaper!
  • Step 2: I like to color correct and conceal before foundation, actually. For this, I use a Make Up For Ever Concealer Palette. I use all the colors and blend for perfect accuracy in natural light, near a window. This works best with a clean brush — my favorite for the job is the Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush. You need to buy it with the Starter Kit, but all the brushes together are $17.99 and I use all the other ones too on a daily basis. Totally worth it, my favorite brush line. 
  • Step 3: After color correcting I swipe the flat areas of my face — you know, my eye circles, my forehead, my chin. The inner circle of my face — you see how it’s the brightest in the light? Magic. I do this with the lightest cream concealer from the MUFE palette using my fingers, to melt the product in with heat for highlighting. This is basic contouring and lighting 101. It’s a step in the Kardashian face routine but minus the other 20 steps and products. I let this sit for a minute or two. The length of a Beyonce song. (I do my makeup to Beyonce, always)
  • Step 4: Now comes the foundation. Are you exhausted yet? LABOR!!!!! Anyway, I do this with a buffing brush, specifically the Urban Decay Good Karma Optical Blurring Brush. This brush is pretty magical and makes coverage 2x as great whether it’s powder, cream, or liquid. I use a variety of different foundations but in this picture I am using Revlon Nearly Nude foundation. 
  • Step 5: Now cheek stain. Not powder blush, but cheek stain, it looks better with this foundation…actually, I just prefer cream blush and cheek stain in general because it’s messier and I like drippy things because I can pretend it’s blood. Anyway, I’m using Stila Convertible Color in Peony. I use my fingers for this. 
  • Step 6: Then I contour with powder using the Anastasia Contour Palette. I use Real Techniques Contour Brush for this. It’s small but that is precisely why I love it. Darkest two colors for cheekbone contouring and forehead, lightest two for highlight areas. 
  • Step 7: I illuminate my cupid’s bow and nose and cheekbones with NARS Copacabana
  • Step 8: I’m basically done at this point but sometimes if I want to be particularly shiny I powder using INGLOT Illuminating powder. 
  • My eyes are actually boring it’s just the Stila In the Moment Eye Palette.



life hack: don’t have a cosplay? yes u do! u are cosplaying mystique. everyone is always cosplaying mystique. she can look like anyone


i have a few helpful bookmarks saved so i’m going to help you fellow crossers out! (even though all of these are easily googled)


i moved out a bit and you can fully see the way the trees almost circle the forest area
i love it so much



i moved out a bit and you can fully see the way the trees almost circle the forest area

i love it so much


❁ summer lovin’ ❁


reasons i want to look GOOD 

  • for myself
  • for myself
  • to plant the seed of envy in other bitch’s hearts
  • for myself




On July 12, 2014 it was brought to our attention that a group of students (Cohere) at the California College of Arts took some of save-wiyabi-project’s work and passed it off as their own for a grant. The work is our interactive map and database:

Since then I have been in limited contact with the school. This was first completely dismissed by the Center for Art and Public Life, and then ignored by all of the Board of Trustees and Design Strategy Advisory Board. When I was able to reach members of the administration they responded with “plagiarism aside” and “putting plagiarism aside” to my concerns and complaints of the stealing. They also said this was explicitly not about the actual cases or data, and that it was just “storytelling” - which was the point they reiterated when deciding it was not plagiarism by their standards (which they subsequently deleted from their website). To the contrary, the lead organizer of this storytelling project openly stated that this was about data collecting, data retaining, and database building. So we think that they not only copy and pasted our layout, design, language, functions, and entire purpose, but that they possibly pulled our cases and data. However we’re not entirely sure because since this was brought forward their entire online presence has evaporated.

In the midst of the school trying to dodge and deflect they admitted that they were very aware of who we are AFTER beginning all of this as if it was a brand new introduction to our organizing. We have now decided to fundraise for the amount the students were awarded (and then additionally crowdfunded for) in an effort to expand our own educational outreach and teach-ins, and also to continue challenging the school. We will be planning demonstrations in the month of August, so stay tuned.

This ongoing pattern of railroading, bulldozing, and co-opting of Indigenous peoples work is a serious and tiring problem (in addition to and outside of VDay and One Billion Rising). I would say this extends to all of the appropriation and stealing people of color constantly experience. The violence done to what we create is an extension of colonialism and imperialism, and part of the constant agendas imposed on us, and attempts at dominating and assimilating our activism. It’s also important for us to note that to this day we have not sought money in any form for our work. If we wanted this type of recognition or grants, we would have been active in getting them. We have made the strategic and political decision to self-fund as we know that the Industrial Complexes intent on controlling the direction of this organizing are also abusive institutions. Since the launch of Operation Thunderbird (what the map and database originally started as), there have been a number of attempts at discrediting and dismissing this. Operation Thunderbird, now called The Save Wįyąbi Mapping Project, is a place where decades of data and research are housed, stories by families are shared, and a large illustration of the bigger picture of violence against Indigenous women can be seen. This is also where have been able to locate and identify problems to then be able to address them better, for ourselves as Indigenous people. We have even examined more of the deeper variables that demonstrate why and how this violence and the issue of missing and murdered Indigenous women is so deep (for more info about the ‘Triple Disappearance’ phenomenon please see:

We are aware of the depth of the investment there is to control the narrative of this violence we organize around, and that white supremacy usurping this is a tactic to protect the entities to which our work is a threat to. And with that we will also be challenging the corporations that finance this school and this particular “storytelling project”. The White-Savior-Academic-Non Profit-Prison-Industrial-Complex has got to go!

For more information about how to support our fundraising and an article write-up on the situation, please see: Thank you so much for your support.


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without profits how will we innovate new and wonderful forms of imperialism. how will we produce a vast array of goods barred from 80% of the world’s peoples. how will we avoid curing diseases and feeding people


seein’ uppity buttheads telling talented artists who are already pressured to undersell themselves in this painfully deflated market that they need to lower their commission prices even further makes me so angry like

you aren’t entitled to have art prices scaled specifically…






The Doorway Effect: Why your brain won’t let you remember what you were doing before you came in here

I work in a lab, and the way our lab is set up, there are two adjacent rooms, connected by both an outer hallway and an inner doorway. I do most of my work on one side, but every time I walk over to the other side to grab a reagent or a box of tips, I completely forget what I was after. This leads to a lot of me standing with one hand on the freezer door and grumbling, “What the hell was I doing?” It got to where all I had to say was “Every damn time” and my labmate would laugh. Finally, when I explained to our new labmate why I was standing next to his bench with a glazed look in my eyes, he was able to shed some light. “Oh, yeah, that’s a well-documented phenomenon,” he said. “Doorways wipe your memory.”

Being the gung-ho new science blogger that I am, I decided to investigate. And it’s true! Well, doorways don’t literally wipe your memory. But they do encourage your brain to dump whatever it was working on before and get ready to do something new. In one study, participants played a video game in which they had to carry an object either across a room or into a new room. Then they were given a quiz. Participants who passed through a doorway had more trouble remembering what they were doing. It didn’t matter if the video game display was made smaller and less immersive, or if the participants performed the same task in an actual room—the results were similar. Returning to the room where they had begun the task didn’t help: even context didn’t serve to jog folks’ memories.

The researchers wrote that their results are consistent with what they call an “event model” of memory. They say the brain keeps some information ready to go at all times, but it can’t hold on to everything. So it takes advantage of what the researchers called an “event boundary,” like a doorway into a new room, to dump the old info and start over. Apparently my brain doesn’t care that my timer has seconds to go—if I have to go into the other room, I’m doing something new, and can’t remember that my previous task was antibody, idiot, you needed antibody.

Read more at Scientific American, or the original study.

I finally learned why I completely space when I cross to the other side of the lab, and that I’m apparently not alone.

this is actually kind of great and it’s nice to know there’s something behind that constant spacing out whenever i enter a different place


Woking (ptcpl. vb.): Standing in the kitchen wondering what you came in here for.

- Douglas Adams, The Meaning of Liff



i like crossovers but i really like the idea of dc and marvel being fictional in eachothers worlds like the teen titans are gonna go see the avengers at the movies tomorrow on their day out and then beast boys gonna do his best hulk impression all day…


Comme des Garcons Spring 2005 X Prada Spring 2008