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His name is Norman Elliot. 9 weeks







You are looking at a newborn baby whose mother was not even allowed to clean him off before he was torn away from her and given his death sentence number. For every glass of milk you consume, a calf is chained in a filthy crate somewhere, lowing for his mother, sentenced to become veal. This will not stop while people continue to demand cheese, ice cream, yogurt, and all dairy products made from cow’s milk. Go vegan.

For more information on the veal and dairy industries, please click here: http://www.mercyforanimals.org/veal/


I am considering to become a vegetarian, not a vegan. This info is utterly wrong. Not in every country it’s like this.

This info is wrong? Uhhh, what? Wanna actually watch the video that I originally linked to and then tell me I’m making up stories again? Look around on their site, there’s lots of other footage. These are not isolated incidents, they happen all the time. Calves are “waste products” of the dairy industry. The dairy industry is the veal industry because veal was created when dairy farmers didn’t want to have to keep disposing of all these baby cows and they wanted to make some money off of them. Veal was created as a side profit to make money from all of the “waste” from dairying.

Just think about it for a second. Everywhere, no matter how “nice” you may think people may treat their dairy cows (which is never possible when you are raping and confining an animal), a cow has to give birth in order to produce milk. If she has a male calf, he is completely useless to the system. So what happens to these male calves? They become veal. If it’s a small farm, they almost always sell these male calves to a stockyard where his fate is once again undetermined, and a baby male cow is really only useful for veal, or… absolutely nothing, in which case they are killed and “disposed” of. You can watch some “disposal” techniques that exist here: http://mercyforanimals.org/calves/

There is also the entire dilemma with the way dairy cows are violently raped and impregnated, continuously, and separated from their babies. Then it’s rinse and repeat. This is traumatic for both the cows and the babies. These animals really do cry out for each other. Cows are treated as items of mass production and nothing more. All for a product you don’t even need. Not only do you not need it, but it’s bad for humans. In the same way a leopard drinking giraffe milk all of its life would be detrimental, humans drinking cow’s milk designed for their young is bad for our health. If we needed to live on breast milk forever, we’d produce it ourselves all of our lives. No adult animals besides humans drink milk continuously.

I’m sorry but what could I possibly gain from making something like this up? If this kind of stuff wasn’t true, do you really think I would feel the need to tell everyone about it? Why do you think I’m a vegan myself, why do you think I wish others would go vegan too? Are you really going to be that childish and deny information in front of you by saying “NOPE, NOT REAL GUYS!” simply because you don’t want the responsibility of having to choose to abstain from these products?

What country do you live in? Honestly, let me know, and I’ll find you information respective to your own country if you don’t live in the US and somehow think all other countries don’t also participate in animal exploitation.

Vegetarianism is great — as a transitional period. But in the end, it doesn’t help animals any more than eating meat does, when you account for all of the horrifying procedures that happen within egg and dairy industries. (Guess what? In the egg industry, they grind up male chicks alive or suffocate them since the males are useless in that industry, too. Look into it.) It’s cool that you can acknowledge eating meat is wrong. You’ve come far enough to do that. Really, the hardest part is that first step. So why can’t you also understand that eating other animal products are just as wrong? In the end, all of it comes from the same systems that abuse and exploit animals. All of them treat animals as mere property and that is where the root of the problem lies. To boycott only one aspect of a fucked up system does nothing.

Perhaps it’s not that you know this stuff isn’t true, but you’re actually just too scared to look into it and find out the truth. You’re just believing what you’ve heard all your life. Probably what you did at one point for the meat industry as well. You’re scared to know the truth because if you know what really happens, that holds you accountable for your choices. It means you can’t keep eating this stuff with a clear conscience. You’re scared to have to change your choices more than you want to.

If you are going vegetarian for animal rights reasons, I highly suggest that you rethink your eventual goal and the way in which you view dairy and eggs. Like I said, vegetarianism is a great start. But that’s all it is, a start. It doesn’t solve the problem and it isn’t a cruelty-free diet. It’s just getting your foot out the door in the right direction. Veganism really is the only truly compassionate diet.





This seal pup’s gingery-brown fur and sad blue eyes have made him an outcast from the rest of the pack and his own family.

Shunned, the pup sits on is own up the beach while other seals group by the water’s edge.