being a pessimist is great i’m always either right or pleasantly surprised 

#the optimistic look on pessimism  


party people

me, and, trent, NYE,
One Year <3

One Year <3

trent, <3, meow,
and he still loves me. how crazy is that.

and he still loves me. how crazy is that.

Who&#8217;s this handsome gentleman?

Who’s this handsome gentleman?

mine, trent,
I’ve never felt so safe.

Im so lucky to have been found by such a wonderful man. I’ll do anything to keep you happy because you deserve it so much. Your smile, your eyes, your perfect nose, your sexy voice and adorable laugh, gah, I could go on and on about the things I love about you. I cant wait until we can make that list even bigger.

What has grown between us is beautiful. Brutal, but wonderful. I could never give it up. I’m in love with you, and I’ve never said that with such confidence. I’m your girl, and don’t forget it.

Love, a hopeless romantic

mewp, trent,